The ConceptThe Vision
The ModPod is a pre-fabricated residential core that consolidates major trade-dependent systems and finishes into a single deliverable unit. Although a variety of similar approaches have been proposed in the past, they focused exclusively on new construction. The ModPod, by contrast, is designed with enough flexibility to be inserted into existing homes as well. More importantly, the ModPod swerves from these earlier approaches at the point where it pairs the technical and design issues at play with a greater social vision: revitalizing the existing residential fabric of urban centers.ModPod offers an alternative to the perpetual outward expansion of the metropolis and its fetishization of the new. The housing stock of many urban centers (Houston and Los Angeles, among others) is reaching an age where the decision to demolish or renovate must be made. Modpod favors the latter, leveraging the material and social fabric of existing homes and communities while contributing carefully designed modern amenities that improve the day-to-day living of its users.